• AOA1

    Where'd everybody go?

    September 25, 2014 by AOA1

    I guess it could be assumed that most of us have to go to school/college, but I am still very curious.

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  • Slug gunner fan
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  • AOA1

    Back to school for me.

    September 3, 2014 by AOA1

    I've got about 2.5 hours left until I have to leave. I am only at school for 6.5 hours every day, but I take an hour walking home + I spend quite a bit of time with my girlfriend.

    I'm just saying this for the people who will miss me... There are about five or six of you there.

    Oh, and the reason I haven't been very active is because of several personal issues that have been going on.

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Okay, here you get to explain your factions in a few sentences.

    The fields are:

    • Name: Self-explanatory. Maybe a link to the faction's page.
    • Preferred Theater of Operations: What kind of terrain does your faction fight best in? What areas best suit their tactics?
    • Combat doctrine: Explain briefly how battles with your factions go down.
    • Tech level specializations: How are your faction's different tech level units optimized for their strategy?
    • Pros: The advantages your faction has.
    • Cons: The advantages your faction has.
    • Intended Commander: Assuming your faction was modded into FA in full, what kind of player would it be aimed at? Turtlers or Rushers? Spammers or Harassers? Hardcore FA players, Westwood RTS players or even Blizzard RTS players?

    For exam…

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  • AOA1

    I got a new computer today and I am currently using it. Power-sucking games should not cause me any problems.

    I guess Warframe is my first stop... Or should it be Star Forge? Hmm...

    I can list the specs if anyone wants to know them.

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  • AOA1


    August 8, 2014 by AOA1

    Where'd everyone go? There was this huge conglomoration about 8-or-so hours ago (I think) and now everyone disappeared...

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  • AOA1

    Faction symbols.

    July 31, 2014 by AOA1

    For people who really need a faction symbol, I can make one for you. Just tell me what the faction is about, colors and the general idea of what you want and I can make something. It would help if you give me an email address so I can update you on what it looks like.

    I'm not the best artist ever, but I'm trying to be nice here.

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    Pick a Character of yours.

    They're going to a party :P

    Rules: yknow all the standard ones. Oh and this is non-canon-fanon stuff so... try not to kill each other right off the bat XD

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Inactivity :(

    July 3, 2014 by Slug gunner fan

    I won't be here until Monday, possibly Tuesday, due to a big school trip to Berlin.

    I'll see you all then. Ork's in charge while I'm gone as per usual.

    (BTW If you're wondering where Rhiza's been the past week she went on ahead with her family and we're meeting her there, arrangements were made and such)

    Farewell (for now) and may your teaparties never be fucked.

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  • Glitchrr36

    I'm going to camp. I'll miss you all. I will bring tales of this trip and my previous one when I return. No major screw ups or bad things while I'm gone, please.

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  • OrkMarine

    Well, I think the community should help decide on this, we need 2 chat mods. Im making this blog so users can give their opinions and advice on who should be a chat mod, its not necassarrily a democratic vote, but I assure that what the users say will be listened to and taken into heavy account when we choose who to promote. While Psi's demotion of Basi as mod wasnt exactly authorised, It did put me to thinking that the previous mod selection really had no planning in it, not saying the previous mods were bad, I just want some community councilling on this subject. As Chat mods are primarily community workers.

    Well, the chat mod team needs to fit these criteria:

    • Together they should be capable of covering most of the day on chat, were not ex…
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  • Rhianne Burke

    Due to some recent issues involving the staff here, I thought it would be a good idea to get a community consensus on it. So, basically fill out this form here. (sorry I forgot about you Glitch!)

    User:Slug gunner fan

    • Opinion of him:
    • Do you think he should stay B-Crat and Admin?


    • Opinion of him:
    • Do you think he should stay Admin and/or staff?


    • Opinion of him:
    • Do you think he should stay Admin and/or staff?


    • Opinion of him:
    • Do you think he should stay Chatmod and/or staff?


    • Opinion of him:
    • Do you think he should stay Chatmod and/or staff?

    Please place your answers in the comments section below.

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Myself, as well as Rhiza, won't be here for the rest of the day. Or most of next week. Or most of the week after next.

    Fucking exams y'know? We won't even have much time to cuddle. Sadface.

    Ork is in charge till I get back. He can do as he wants within reason. Reason in this case being an infinite space. So basically Ork, do whatever you want and everyone must worship you. Just don't get used to it because I'm only gone for two weeks.

    Basi, edit Tanya however you want but don't publish her till I've seen what you've done. You have two weeks; I expect you to get SOMETHING done with the character, And get the fuck on with the next chapter of New Age already.

    Anyone adds anything supporting magic while I'm gone and I will ban you when I get back. …

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  • OrkMarine

    Space Ship RP

    May 31, 2014 by OrkMarine

    "Space, the final fronteir"

    Wait, no. Thats a gay ass star trek quote. Who the fuck put that there?

    Lets try this again

    "In space, nobody can hear you scream"

    Thats better.

    Welcome all to the most fine ass RP on the wiki, prepare to have your brains raped with pure pleasure as you embark on a journey through space and time (ran out of budget to incorporate time travel) itself. As the captain of your very own spacecraft you shall explore vast systems, discover diverse and wonderfun alien races, conquer alien races into the dirt and eat their babies, destroy whole planets for lolz, and much more. Will you become an oppurtanistic, dickish pirate who preys on spanish people? Or perhaps you will become a mercenary and hire yourself out like a prostit…

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    Here is the current edition of the Canon Policy:

    This page is a policy page devoted to outlining specific subjects that the community has deemed non-canon-friendly (NCF). While the "No Contradicting Canon" rule that is one of this site's cornerstones should speak for itself, this site has encountered a number of things that users have tried to pass off as canon friendly which aren't. In order to eliminate future problems this article will be used to outline several subjects that are to be considered taboo on this site. It should be noted that while breaking one of these rules will cause your article to be considered NCF, not breaking any guideline on this page does not automatically make your article canon friendly.

    The policies on this page…

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  • AOA1

    I just listened to this song:

    The picture in it gave me an idea that I wanted to share. Note: This implies that Christianity is right about the Hell/Heaven-armies-clashing-thing mentioned in the bible is true (for non-believers, like me).

    What if there was some huge battle between an alien army? Now, nothing small; something ridiculously OP, like the Independence Day aliens when they send an invasion army... Or a colaboration of alien armies... >:D

    But then Humans, Angels and Demons must do some epic-ass-whoopin' shit to end the invasion. It would start out as just Humans, but then Angels would have to take part, later asking Demons for help. It would be just a fucking massacre on the grandest sc…

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Yes, congratulations for:

    • Taking this wiki, which was meant to be a fresh start where we could put aside all our grievances and come together through our common interests, and turning it into yet another wiki filled with nothing but arguments and admin abuse.
    • Convincing my parents even further that all the time I spend on this site is just wasted arguing with people I don't even know, and for convinving me of this as weell because frankly it's becoming more and more true.
    • As of the last paragraph of this blog, I'm now talking like my father. If you knew my father you'd understand why this pisses me off.

    Frankly, I'm on the verge of IP-banning you all for a very long time and just having the site to myself. Maybe unban Psy. So this is your chan…

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    This is mostly a copypaste of the events in chat that have led to the suspicions of 17 abusing his powers as admin.

    This isntdone because ive run out of time

    • 12:40, May 26, 2014 $17 (wall | contribs) blocked ARMofORION (wall | contribs) with an expiry time of 1 week (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Quarreling with an admin.)
    • 12:40, May 26, 2014 $17 (wall | contribs) blocked AOA1 (wall | contribs) with an expiry time of 3 months (account creation disabled, cannot edit own talk page) (Aggressive behavior and more than one occasion of quarreling with the admins and being a smartass.)

    I honestly think that this is overreacting and only accounts for a few hours at most of chat ban. There's no reason for them to be unable to e…

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  • AOA1

    Last user standing?

    May 23, 2014 by AOA1


    I've seen Orion and Louis on the chat a few times, but I'm not findig anyone else. Is there some shit-storm on another wiki that I'm missing?

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  • AOA1

    I request your opinions.

    May 18, 2014 by AOA1

    So I've been working on a mod about as long as the Overpowered Battleships mod. This one is called Advanced Projectiles.

    The idea is that I thought projectiles moved too slow to be effective at all against mobile units. This originaly was only to be made for naval warships, so they would be less effective against ground armies and force naval warfare. However, T1 point defenses, the Cybran Myrmidon and many others were altered, as well.

    If you want to know what I changed about a specific unit, or want to request a change, please ask.

    Oh, and I'd like your opinions on this, as well.

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  • AOA1

    Mod I was going to make.

    May 16, 2014 by AOA1

    I had this idea a while ago to take the Jericho Class and Harbinger Class battleships from the Antares unit pack and shrink them down and change their projectiles. However, I don't want to just steal this person's units, so I would never upload this to the Vault.

    I could just make my own models, but I'm lazy (VERY lazy).

    I'd like to know what you guys think of this.

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Okay, I decided that since loads of other users have done an RP, why shouldn't I?

    NOTE: expect rookie mistakes from me, the game master.

    1. No arguing with the game master's decisions. Try it and I'll kill you off immediately.
    2. No OP
    3. No Mary Sue
    4. No Meta-Gaming
    5. Only the Game Master (me) may make events, the players (you) make actions.

    Just specify your character's name, faction and a short description, as standard.

    • All canon factions
    • All fanon factions (that exist on this wiki)
    • Nomads
    • CORE and ARM (nerfed lore-wise to be more or less equal to Supcom factions)

    Please state your vehIcle (ACU, ACE, MCEP, AAU, UCA etc.) with the faction. If it's a unique vehicle (customized/one-off ACU or one-off ACE) please say so. If you wish to use a character with custom u…

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  • AOA1


    May 6, 2014 by AOA1

    V V V

    ^ ^ ^ ^


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  • Slug gunner fan

    We're having a German exchange student over. (Not my idea BTW)

    I'm not sure how much I'll be here. 17 is in charge while I'm gone, Ork will retain his position as head of the canon police.

    17: Do as you will while you're in charge but don't antagonise the peasants too much. I'll have more ideas for the Crossover Galaxy and the FPS Crossover when I get back.

    Ace: Argus has a custom anti-Tripod ship before Harbinger :P

    Basi: Take care of yourself sis. Love ya.

    Louis: Now you take care of my big sister okay? I don't want Basi getting into any trouble.

    Glitch: Organic technology is still inferior :P

    Everyone: Take care of yourself, stick to the rules and stay happy.

    Sovereigns: where's my AAU? >:<

    D'Skarwem: where's my MCEP? >:<

    Void Hunters: Where's my…

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  • AOA1

    I understand that something that would take place before or during the Infinite and Seraphim wars shouldn't be allowed, but why not after? Why the fuck is it not possible for ANYTHING TO REMOTELY HAPPEN LATER ON?!?!

    Also, doesn't the home page say "We allow anything that fits into the Supreme Commander canon"? Perhaps you need to remember that YOU DON'T GET TO DECIDE WHAT IS AND ISN'T CANON. Everything is layed out by the game. Not fan shit, not alternate groups with side-stories, NOT YOU (and before you start, I don't, either).

    So, by definition of whatever the fuck is going on, this is NOT a "Fanon", as you blatantly block EVERYTHING canon. This is its own separate universe, one restricted to having factions be LOW-TECH MORONS.

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    So, now, instead of complaining about my adminship skills (critism) perhaps you could help me figure out WHAT THE FUCK IT IS I COULD BE DOING???? (constructive)

    So yeah, quit complaining about how fucked up I am at being an admin if you're going to turn me away when I try to actually do something about it.

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    Apparently I've won the Fryfag award for asking for help in chat when the people who can help me are available

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  • OrkMarine

    Operation Cleanup

    April 27, 2014 by OrkMarine

    Due to the wikis booming size, several pages that have breached regulations have slipped under the radar, so this shall be a wiki wide check of every article on the wiki. Every page will then be sorted into a catergory, those pages that dont end up in the "approved" catergory will need to be fixed by its author within the next week or so (extra time will be given for those that have lots of stuff to fix).

    Also note, that if one of your pages ends up needing to be fixed, you are not to publish any new pages UNTIL those pages have been fixed.

    Also note that links that have been crossed out mean they have been fixed. The goal of this wiki is to have every page that isnt in the approved catergory to be crossed out within the next week or so.

    The …

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  • Basilisk Centauri


    April 21, 2014 by Basilisk Centauri

    OK, so I'm going on an emoticon rampage now that i know how to make them work.

    Gimmie a title (what it is/for), a link and triggers and I'll see what I can do about adding them.



    What: $17 user emote

      • (17)
      • ($17)
      • (NIGGUH!)
      • (UWHUT?)
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  • Basilisk Centauri

    OK, dear five-or-six regulars on the wiki, Ork's away unnanounced (like we ever see him around here anyways) and Slug's gone for the weekend, so I'm the last admin standing.

    I'm trying to pull a few all-nighters to keep order on the wiki when and where I can, but I'm only human. I've promoted Rhianne and Orion temporarily to Admin/Bcrat/Rollback/Chatmod for the duration of however long I say.

    I trust these two and I hope they can keep the wiki running where I cant.

    So if you see me in chat, and try to link me to some music designed to put me to sleep, I'll consider it wiki-terrorism, K? :P

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  • Kleph Magnus

    Kleph has been thinking. Kleph would like to write a series of crossovers involving Kleph visiting different dimensions, factions, peoples, and more.

    The first stop, RWBY!

    Kleph shall endevour to write these crossovers into a blog post later. Thoughts on this?

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    Trailers (all4in1vid)

    Trailer Reactions (MUST WATCH)


    Crescent Rose, FOR THE FUCKING WIN

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  • Slug gunner fan

    My family's going away to see relatives and I'm probably going to be forced to "socialise" instead of being here.

    Even worse I go back to school on Wednesday and I won't have any time to chat anymore! Bloody exam revision, those AQA bastards ought to be strung up and have their genitals severed.

    I will miss you all. Especially Basi :D

    See you all on Monday, I hope.

    Slug out.

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  • Glitchrr36

    Unrelated Rp

    April 17, 2014 by Glitchrr36

    So, the basic premise is that an elite team of people/ whatever species you would like to be are on a jungle planet, to study it. The planet is located 300 light years from earth, and has the following zones: coastal (first area the rp goes to), tundra, mountains, jungle, desert, ocean. The planet is 2.4 times the size of earth. The coastal area is a combination of beaches, cliffs, and mangrove swamps. There are few mammals outside of the tundra.


    Native life forms can be created by anyone.

    GM will be playing

    each person will be assigned a job by me, the GM.

    No wanton shooting. Basically, this is to study the planet, not to kill everything on it.

    The RP is based from a Sculpin class carrier. It has 6 rotors, space engines, treads, and proppe…

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    "There's a Seraphim down there. Do us a favour and knock 'im back to the stone age. Preferably with a nuke."

    We're never given the HQ guy's name in-game, but we always know he'll have a cuppa tea waiting for us when we come home. He's the grumpy, grizzled old fella that's taken over the kettle in the corner and will make sure you get the tea or coffee whether you want it or not.

    But what is his name? Share your theories (and reasoning, if there's any) in teh comments :D

    I say it's Gerald. He just feels like a Gerald.

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  • AOA1

    ...I am a beginning modder, and the author of Super Battleships (yeah, I'm never shutting up about this one).

    I would like to know what you all would like to see in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. I have made a forum post about this, as well as bringing it up in the chat about a billion times.

    Please, tell me below (or however) what you'd want to see as a mod to one of the best RTS games ever. =D

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Sourced from

    For anyone who can't read that first link here's the original text:

    "Here’s a fascinating piece of work. Build a tiny staircase and place a small polystyrene bead on the bottom step (a staircase is fairly straightforward to construct using electric fields.

    It’s easy to see the bead being jostled around by the random motion of molecules in the surrounding air, the well-known phenomenon of Brownian motion.

    Most of the time, the Brownian motion tends to knock the bead down the stairs but sometimes the jostling is powerful enough to push the bead up a step.

    Keep a close eye on the bead using a video camera and every tim…

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  • Slug gunner fan

    If Supcom 3 is ever made (doubtful after the disaster that was Supcom 2 -_-) then I'd like to see it have the following game modes:

    Classic Supcom game mode. Defeat is by the destruction of your ACU.

    In a solo (FFA) match, the winning player is the last one standing at the end of a match. In a team match, the winning team is the team which still has players standing at the end of a match.

    Possibly the only good thing about Supcom 2. Defeat is by the destruction of every single unit and structure capable of building things - this includes the ACU, SCUs, engineers, factory structures, engineering stations and any mobile unit with an on-board factory.

    In a solo (FFA) match, the winning player is the last one standing at the end of a match. In a t…

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Here I will detail all the ways I have overwanked an ACU to take on overpowered fictional universes.

    Has access to all UEF, Cybran, Aeon, Seraphim, Nomad, Sovereign, D'Skarwen, Farxaa, Zas'oltar/Najiur and every other fanon faction (mechanical tech only), including 3rd-party units.

    Has access to all CORE and ARM stuff including 3rd-party units.

    Has access to all Planetary Annihilation stuff.

    Has access to all custom units used by all of our characters.

    Can build every ground vehicle/robot that has ever existed in Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, Halo and every other sci-fi universe with any good ground vehicles/robots.

    Builds everything in 5 seconds max.

    Controlled by the God-Emperor of Mankind who has access to all psychic powers in fiction, assisted b…

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  • AOA1

    Just a SupCom RolePlay...

    April 4, 2014 by AOA1

    I love the idea of story making and RPs, so I wanted to do my own... I hope this isn't too many...

    All canon and fanon factions (as long as they are canon-friendly) are allowed. They must exist on this wiki, though (characters of factions with unique units can be used, but only if they aren't insanely overpowered). Oh, and Total Mayhem is included for canon factions.


    • No changing story, unless you wish to restart entirely.
    • Metal planets exist. Have fun with them.
    • Increased-speed nanolathing will be downgraded to normal (such as the Sovereign Empire's).
    • Reduced-speed nanolathing will be increased to normal.
    • All faction's resource generators, except for experimental, make the same amount of resources.
    • Unique command units are treated as ACUs (…
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    Mechanical Sandbox

    March 20, 2014 by ARMofORION

    This is a bit of a sandbox for a mechanical race that is a bit flexable in where it can go. I'm partly developing them for Starcraft forums (Lore kinda went out the window a while ago), and made them adaptable enough for SupCom. Most of this is just toss-around ideas with some thought in mind. The Bloody Bell-Hooded Jester (talk) 22:06, March 20, 2014 (UTC)

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    So, I've been asked by Slug to create this blog post so we can think The Dawn War through a bit more.

    I guess this is it then. I don't know what I've got to say about it other than the community seems to like it (aside from Ork, who isn't participating anyways), and are willing to continue even if it turns out to be shit. At least it'll be OUR shitty AU/AT and as always, you cant learn from your mistakes if you never get a chance to make them.

    Points FOR The Dawn War:

    • Community seems to like it, despite the lack of planning

    Points AGAINST The Dawn War:

    • There is a clear lack of planning

    Points will, of course, be edited as need be.

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  • Basilisk Centauri

    This is just me trying to get a handle on RP's. Expect rookie mistakes from the gamemaster.

    You're stranded in a city, no idea what's happened, and hostile units on the horizon. Your ACU is damaged, and the Proto-Crafter is offline, and almost all of your Nanolathes are missing.

    A memory.

    Ah, dammit, QAI ruptured the Quantum Network and disabled almost every ACU in existance.

    Until you can find someone with some Nanolathes who's willing to trade or share, and something to repair your ACU, you're at the mercy of QAI and it's Drones.


    Faction: (all ACU's will have the stats of a standard UEF ACU excluding weapons) Canon Faction only

    Weapon: Pick one

    Rail-Cannon: heavy weapon, long range, decent damage, average reload.

    Mortar: heavy weapon, long ran…

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  • OrkMarine

    About the Theme

    March 15, 2014 by OrkMarine

    Howdy folks, I'd like to bring something to the attention of the user base. The theme. This wiki has gotten alot of coding and stuff to change it look, the headers are replaced with these blue boxe thingies, it no longer says how many pages are on the wiki, user boxes look different, and its quite glitchy with several pages of the wiki going all weird after a few secounds.

    I'd like to proclaim a change, back to the vanilla wiki theme. So we'd have normal headers, it would have a page count up in the corner, user boxes would be nromal and their would be no glitchyness about it. I'd like the community opinion on this, and perhaps even your vote on this matter.

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  • Slug gunner fan

    We are. We owe our being to none who are called anything; from and in the minds of men, We are. You shall serve Us, and We shall serve you, and none shall Know who is the master, and who the slave. Though We may not be written on the Base Earth, our Lines shall be brief and succinct. Through interplay of thoughts, through the movement of the limbs and speech of the word shall Our Shape be Known. The lack of links between the brains of Our individual carriers merely strengthen Us through individuality. Together, Our importance shall exceed the sum of Our components. And though We are merely a memetic construct, a…

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Considering how massed reclamation beams projected by engineers can near instantly convert almost anything (forests, skyscraper sized boulders, buildings large enough to hold small towns within them, almost any kind of mobile or stationary fighting unit) into stored mass, I do believe that with a hundred or so engineers I could tunnel a few hundreds of miles into the crust of a world rendering myself immune to everything but Exterminatus-level weaponry or other planet crackers.

    • Find a geologically dead world, relatively out of the way to prevent suspicion, about the size of Earth’s moon or larger. Land an ACU team there in secrecy.
    • Get a legion of engineers up and running on the surface and use them to drill through the crust of the planet b…

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  • Basilisk Centauri
    • .........
    • 8:46 Slug gunner fanThere sr
    • 8:46 Slug gunner fan are
    • 8:46 Slug gunner fan guys who are basically Nazi Commies who hate moving cities and turn their soldiers into killer zombie robots
    • 8:46 Slug gunner fan it gets more awesome than that
    • 8:46 Glitchrr36ok
    • 8:47 Slug gunner fanI gtg, homework
    • 8:47 Slug gunner fan HATE HATE HATE
    • 8:47 Glitchrr36stop talking about mortal engines
    • 8:47 Glitchrr36 I was talking about airships
    • You have established a communications feed

    • ARMofORION has established a communications feed
    • 8:48 Basilisk Centaurihello
    • 8:49 ARMofORIONHeyo
    • 8:51 Basilisk CentauriAOA and his annoying NCF events...
    • 8:52 Basilisk Centauri can you honestly believe that EVERYONE who's ever met Harbinger absolutely loves him/wants to fuck him senseless?
    • 8…

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  • OrkMarine

    Greetmongs fellow wikians, its me OrkMarine, resident potato lover and admin of the Glorious Supreme Commander Fanon Wiki. Anyway, this is my first (and the wiki's first) Role Play here, and as such it may have a few loose ends and game issues, but its all for fun so what the hell.

    • No OP
    • No Mary Sue
    • No Meta-Gaming
    • No arguing with me
    • No being an asshole Be respectful
    • Only the Game Master (me) may make events, the players (you) make actions. An example of an action is "My ACU walks into the strip club", an example of an event is "The strip club turns into a giant crocodile and eats you", if a player was to write the latter comment It would be illegal and I would most likely kill them until they die.

    In this RPG, you will play as an ACU of your creat…

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