D'Skarwen T3 Assault Bot
D'Skarwen T3 Assault Bot
The D'Skarwen T3 Assault bot, front view
Faction D'Skarwen Hegemony
Domain Land
Type Assault Bot
Role Offensive
Tech 3
Weight Medium
Nickname Attack Walker 2.0
Height {{{height}}}
Weight {{{weight}}}
Weaponry 3X laser
Defense None
Additional Equipment. None
Capacity Zero

The D'Skarwen T3 Assault Bot, nicknamed the Combat Walker 2.0, is a D'Skarwen Hegemony unit. This is a direct fire unit.


This Assault Bot is so tall that it is actually targeted by anti-air rather than anti-land weaponry.

Appearance and designEdit

This unit has three long, stalk-like legs connected a central "groin" at the bottom of a long thin pole. At the top of the pole sits a spherical structure; this is the "head" of the unit. On this sphere are four occular sensors, each at right-angles to the two either side of it, giving the unit effective all-round vision.




The Combat Walker 2.0 is not possessed of any active defence systems.


The Combat Walker 2.0 is not possessed of any defensive melee weapons.



Three lasers are mounted at regular intervals on swivel-mounts on the lower half of the unit's head-sphere. The laser mounts themselves have only 40 degrees azimuth of and 20 degrees of elevation, however the main sphere can rotate 360 degrees, giving the unit all-round targeting.


The unit does not possess offensive melee capability as such but some have been known to stomp or kick at units that come near them, mostly as a desperation attack.



The lasers mounted by the unit are prime examples of D'Skarwen directed energy weapon technology. While most of the high-intensity radiation is in the ultraviolet spectrum a small part of the beam spills over into visual wavelengths, giving it the appearance of a line of pale purple light.



Squad dynamicsEdit


Tactical notesEdit

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