This page is a policy page devoted to outlining specific subjects that the community has deemed non-canon-friendly (NCF). While the "No Contradicting Canon" rule that is one of this site's cornerstones should speak for itself, this site has encountered a number of things that users have tried to pass off as canon friendly which aren't. In order to eliminate future problems this article will be used to outline several subjects that are to be considered taboo on this site. It should be noted that while breaking one of these rules will cause your article to be considered NCF, not breaking any guideline on this page does not automatically make your article canon friendly.

The policies on this page do not apply to any Humor or Alternate Timeline articles since those articles would incorporate non-canon elements by their nature. If you wish to create such an article you need to adhere to the relevant policies outlined upon the Alternate Timelines policy and Humor article policy pages.

Gods and religionEdit

There are no God-like beings in Supcom. Any God worshipped by a fanon faction or species must be either purely fictional or a being who appears to be a god towards a certain race. A species may worship a group posing as gods, see their leaders as godlike, or follow The Way, a psuedo-religious system of enlightenment created by the Seraphim, or their interpretation of it. An empire does not have to be religious though, nor does it have to only have one major religion.


This section covers fan-made interstellar empires hosted on this site. This section applies to both human and alien empires.


It has been deemed that no Empire may exceed a territorial size of over 750 fully colonized star systems and no more than 1125 star systems in total. This regulation was created in order to avoid massively oversized fan empires that drastically alter the setting by their very presence. It should be noted that an empire may have had more worlds at a previous time in its history, but as of the current time in setting the empire must follow this rule. How the empire lost said worlds is up to the author.

No fanon faction may have more than fifteen ACUs or equivalents for every five fully-colonized star systems at any one time. However, if the faction is nomadic and fleet-based and does not stick to or colonize planets on a more permanent basis, it will be three ACUs or equivalents for every fleet instead.


Human empiresEdit

Technology of human empires may not match or exceed the level of scientific achievement reached by the Aeon Illuminate, other than unique areas of technology which may not match or exceed the level of scientific achievement reached by the Seraphim.

Alien empiresEdit

See the alien species technology section below.


Extra-Galactic human empires are banned. No human faction may claim to have originated, or have holding within a galaxy besides that of the Milky way. Any human empire that does claim to have originated, or have holding within a galaxy besides that of the Milky way will be deemed NCF, and after its due grace period will be subject to deletion. For information on alien empires in regard tyo this matter, see below.

Alien racesEdit

This section regards fan-made alien species hosted on the site.


As stated in the above section, while alien technology is allowed to be more advanced than most human technology, it should not match or surpass the level of scientific achievement reached by the Seraphim. As the most advanced canon species in the setting the Seras should not be trumped. A level of scientific progress around or somewhat above the level of the Aeon Illuminate is acceptable, but no faction should have such a strong technological advantage as to render canon factions obsolete.

Psychic AptitudeEdit

Psychics in Supcom are far from an integral part of the lore but they are present. Having Psychics among your species is quite fine; it may even be fine in very occasional circumstances to make your race entirely Psychic. However there are a few guidelines to follow. No member or group within your alien species may be as strong or skillful in Psychic arts as Rhianne Burke. Since Rhianne is an incredibly strong Psychic by the standards of the setting, and in fact the most gifted individual in this regard that canon has to offer, she is beyond the abilities of others in this regard. This is not to say that you can not have strong Psychics on an individual basis, or that your species has to be made of weak Psychics necessarily, but it is important that this is kept in check.

Having individuals that possess the ability to nullify Psychic powers (similar to Blanks from the Warhammer 40K universe) is permitted. It is also permitted that your species be psychically negative as a whole. However it is not alright for your species to be made up entirely of Blanks, Nulls or whatever you want to call them. Psychic powers are a big part of a lot of fanon factions as well as the Aeon, and many factions rely on them to some extent or another. A race entirely made of Blanks renders many of the other factions weak by denying them Psychic powers. Thus any psychically negative species on the site must be only moderately resistant to the Quantum Realm, and should not be able to totally nullify Psychic powers. The same applies to anti-Psychic technology.

Remember, people in this setting are not born with or without Psychic power. There is no natural level of Psychic aptitude. Connection to the Quantum Realm and this Psychic ability comes from training, idscipline and faith of particular kinds, for example Aeon Psychics who gain their abilities from devotion to The Way and the discipline that entails.


Unless you're going to detail the entirety of your alien faction's history, including the prehistory involving their ancestors, do not state that they were founded or existed as far back as millions of years ago. And even then, logically and technically speaking, a civilization/faction/nation/empire is not made as soon as a sapient species evolves. And pre-spacefaring history, let alone the earliest of history, isn't really that relevant in comparison to post-spacefaring history.

Additionally, being millions of years old would mean that your faction would have had a lot of time to expand and develop their technology, unless they became technologically stagnant and/or regressive at some point, but even then, it's highly unrealistic and this isn't Warhammer 40K.

If you plan on making an old alien faction, they must not have had FTL space travel more than 50,000 years before the creation of the Earth Empire.

Human factions are not permitted to be older than the Cybrans. It is basically stated that pretty much all of humanity was united under the Earth Empire until the first Symbiont rebellions and the creation of the Cybran Nation. However if your faction was perhaps a semi-indpendent protectorate of the Empire before its collapse, this would be allowed.


Truly Extra-Galactic aliens are forbidden. They almost always end up overpowered and poorly written, so we have done away with them. Aliens from satellite galaxies of the Milky Way may be accepted after extensive review of their capabilities, but a race claiming to originate from, say, Andromeda is unacceptable.