These are the official chat rules and are to be followed at all times. Do not take this lightly, these rules were put in place by the administritive staff and will be enforced by all Buercrats, Admins and Moderators.

For definitions of the terms Light, Medium, Heavy and Extreme offences please see the Banning Policy.

For a detailed explanation of the wiki's general rules, please click here

No political or religious arguments

This will just lead to pointless hate. If it gets out of hand one-week bans will be ditributed to ALL users involved, and this qualifies as a Medium Offence on top. For a detailed explanation of how this works, please go to Althistory wiki's policy page on the subject. This policy applies here in exactly the same manner.

No inappropriate links

Innapropriate liks are defined as:

  • Links to pornographic or sexually explicit material. This will qualify as a Heavy offence.
  • Links to pages containing advertisement of, download links for or discussion about any Warez or illegal software. This is an Extreme offence.

No personal attacks on other users

This is kind of obvious: directly insulting another user. Talk about someone behind their back all you want, but someone will most likely inform them.

  • No racial slurs of any kind. This is a Medium offence.
  • No making fun of deceased relatives, friends or anyone else who has passed on or is otherwise no longer part of a person's life. This is a Heavy offence in most cases, though may qualify as an Extreme offence if it is particularly bad.

No proxy accounts

  • No sockpuppeting (ie creating a new account to avoid a ban). Your new account will be perma-banned.
  • Do not impersonate any other user in chat. Your proxy will be perma banned and this will qualify as a Medium offence.

Do not ask to be a chat moderator.

Chat mod privileges are earned. Asking to be a mod only decreases your odds of actually becoming one.

Swearing policy

While casual use of coarse language is allowed, but not actually encouraged, cluster F bombing (large amounts of swearing in a short time) or swearing directly at someone (eg telling someone to "fuck off") will be considered a Light Offence.

Editing and chat

If it's your first time on chat, no edits are required, but if you wish to use chat regularly you must have created at least one page that meets required article quality standards. To qualify as a regular user of chat, you must have been using chat for more than two weeks and must using chat more than three times a week, OR you must have been using chat for more than five weeks and using chat more than one day a week. If you qualify as a regular user of chat a sufficient page is requried.

Moderator judgement

In addition, any circumstances in which an administrator or chat moderator believes a user is disrupting chat (either by mass posting, other kinds of spamming, insults or any other means) they have justifiable reason to kick or ban them. If a user feels that a moderator has abused this clause they can take up the argument with Slug but only if they present screenshot evidence of what happened at the time.