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The following is a list of general rules and regulations on SupCom fanon Wiki. Users are obligated to follow these rules as best they can.

Article Rules

Maintain a level of quality

This wiki strives to keep the quality of it's articles at an acceptable level. Users are requested to uphold this when writing their own articles. Infringements to this may include, but are not limited to: Spelling and Grammatical Errors, Poor Phrasing, Poorly Defined Content and outright Lack of Acceptable Content.

Conform to canon

All serious pages must uphold the guidelines laid out in the canon policy.

Offensive subjects

Sexual and violent themes, gore, racism, sexism, profanity, etc, are only permitted on story articles and must have a warning at the page top that this article contains such content. This also extends to a prohibition pornographic content or links to pornographic content.

Article Naming

Articles on this wiki cannot have "The", "A" or any other indefinite article in the title unless it is a story or event under the specified namespace. If you encounter a page that breaches this rule, you have full permission to rename it until it meets with this established rule.

Anti-Copyright Infringement

Some images on the wiki may be copyrighted. This means that they belong to someone else and if not obtained with the permission of the owner, a user or the entire wiki could be fined under the US Copyright Agreement. If you feel an image may fall under copyright, please remove it. There are many alternative sites where free-2-use images are posted, such as DeviantArt, that are allowed on the wiki. This is not limited to images, some content, while very rare, can fall under copyright as can names.

Grammar, Spelling and Phrasing

If you encounter a spelling, grammatical or phrasing error in any article on the wiki, regardless of possession, feel free to change it.

Content Usage

Users are obligated to request permission from the current owner of a page to use it's content. If the page has previously been archived, re-possessed or condemned, the user may make an adoption request of an admin.

What this means to you:

  • Do not edit any page you do not own yourself, unless:
  1. You have the creator's permission.
  2. The edit is to correct a really blatantly obvious typo or inconsistency.
  • Do not reference any page you do not own yourself without the creator's permission. This issue arose very early after the wiki's creation over a dispute about relations between fanon factions, and nobody wanrts to see it pop up again.


The simple answer is no, crossover articles are not permitted. If you have a crossover story please put it on your sandbox or post it as a blog. Any "Supreme Commander versus this other universe" discussions are to be kept on the forums, specifically in the Coliseum board.

Spamming and vandalism

For obvious reasons, do not spam nor vandalize. Vandalism includes the act of adding nonsensical material or blanking pages. Spamming includes writing in all caps or posting nonsensical comments. Misuse of the Blog Post system for displaying topics that should be posted on a userpage, forum or actual page is also counted as spamming.

Explicit themes

Due to wikia policy's, all content must be suitable for users under age 18. Keep everything in good taste.


Do not use this wiki as an outlet for propaganda or preaching. Doing so will only cause trouble when you encounter a user with opposite beliefs as your own. Be careful when discussing sensitive topics such as religion or politics.

Community Rules


We do not like spam. In some universes, it's edible. Here, it is not. Spam is the act of posting nonsensical material that clutters up space on our wiki. It's the equivalent of leaving trash on the floor in someone's house.

Here's what we define as spam:

  • Nonsensical pages, comments or posts.
  • Direct copying and pasting of pages from other wikis. (If you are moving one of your creations from another wiki, you must ask permission first.)
  • Links to any of the following:
    • Dangerous websites which contain viruses, Trojans or other malware.
    • X-rated sites.
    • Advertising/solicitation sites. We are not an advertising medium.
  • Creation of blogs or forum posts that offer no source of discussion.
  • Posting on blogs older than 30 days unless absolutely necessary. If you feel the need to post on an older blog, only do so if the issue has yet to be resolved or if there is not already a newer blog about the same topic.


For obvious reasons, vandalism is not allowed on this wiki. Vandalism is the act of deliberately ruining content pages to detract from their original enjoyability. The wiki uses a three strike system for vandalism. Three edits that are considered vandalism, and the user will be blocked for one year. Note that if a user added something in good faith and the author did not want such an edit, it does not count as vandalism.

Here is what we define as vandalism:

  • Intentionally adding false information to articles
  • Adding nonsense, gibberish or spam
  • Blanking pages
  • Replacing an article's content with nonsense, gibberish or spam.

Explicit themes

Because all content on this wiki must be suitable for audiences under the age of 18, we do not allow any content considered the equivalent of NC-17. We have this rule to keep the wiki in good taste. As SupCom incorporates a certain level of realism in its setting, we also want to make it accessible to older demographics, but also maintain a friendly, comfortable environment. Usage of these is, however, permitted in stories aslong as there is a warning (see template below) or they are censored (see Censoring and Redaction).

All worldbuilding articles should be written in encyclopaedic format, maintaining a professional tone. Stories are far more lenient as it instead focuses on the thoughts of the characters.

Below is a template used for an article which may contain content unsuitable for some audiences:


The above template is required to be used for all of the following:


Profanity is permitted only on informative articles in quotations and stories. Otherwise there are no limits to it's use. See Chat Rules for Profanity usage guidelines in chat.

Graphic violence

Graphic violence is the intense depiction of major injuries such as disfigured limbs or blood. As with profanity, be realistic with violence. Your character should not bleed out more blood than he/she actually has.

Other disturbing events

The warning may or may not be required if your article depicts anything else that may be considered provocative. If you are unsure about whether or not the warning is indeed required, please contact an admin.


Users of SupCom Fanon are from all over the globe, having their own political and religious backgrounds. It is the desire of SupCom Fanon Wiki to maintain a safe environment for all of its users, so it upholds a policy of neutrality. We do not allow articles, comments, forum posts or blog posts which may be considered threatening, intimidating or inflammatory in nature. This includes propaganda, preaching or anything else which may be considered militant or polarizing.

The following are not allowed on SupCom Fanon Wiki:

  • Articles or stories where political bias is obvious and deliberate.
  • Using characters as a mouthpiece for your political/religious beliefs.
  • The creation of a Mary Sue utopia that idealizes your political/religious beliefs.
  • Encouraging others to take sides with a real world political/religious issue or faction.
  • Political-themed stories with black and white morality.

Civility when arguing with admins

Any user has the right to dispute any decision made by the adminstrators but they must do the following:

  • Not dispute unless the decision was made between admins only. If the decision was made by the community as a whole, then it's clear that the majority of users support the decision, so there's no need to argue against it. 
  • Remain civil. Remember that the admins have authority over other users or they wouldn't be given any of the powers they have, which are used to enforce that authority by ensuring that people stick to the rules or get the fuck out.
  • Not act as if they are above the admins. As said, the admins have authority over users, and acting as if you are above them only makes you more likely to be ingored because the admins will just dismiss you as pretentious and arrogant.

Controversial topics

SupCom Fanon maintains a policy of neutrality and open-mindedness. While you are allowed to write about certain controversial topics, you must not do so in any that would suggest threats or intimidation as per above.

Treat with caution

Treat the following topics with extreme caution and care. Becoming militant about any of these topics is not allowed.

  • Characters engaging in interspecies relationships, be they heterosexual or homosexual.
  • Depression.
  • Self-inflicted harm.
  • Graphic violence.
  • In-universe racism.
  • Slavery.

Not allowed

None of these topics are allowed on the wiki. No exceptions.

  • Adult content (anything that would be the equivalent of X-rated or NC-17).
  • Real world racism.
  • Encouraging readers to break real world laws.
  • Deliberate blasphemy towards specific groups.


Flaming is insulting or bullying others whether it be in chat or on a message wall or article. Inflammatory comments or edits will be deleted or undone. Flaming others while in chat will result in a kick; blogs, comments, forum posts or articles that are considered flame bait will be deleted. In the event that you get flamed by someone else, please do not respond by flaming them back or else a flame war may start.

Flame wars have many sources - one of the most common is the discussion of recent political events or comparisons between religions.  Because we want to maintain a friendly environment, public discussions of such topics are not allowed. The SupCom Fanon Wiki maintains a neutrality policy, and the views of users on such topics do not reflect the views of the wiki as a whole.

Lastly, do not confuse criticism and flaming, as the two are completely different. Criticism of other articles, which is openly encouraged, is intended to help build and improve other articles. Flaming on the other hand is intended to outright insult and offend someone else which is highly frowned upon in a civil environment.

Rustling of jimmies

This is not permitted in any form. It was permitted in the wiki's early days but has since been banned due to the conflict and flame wars it caused in direct violation of the above rule.

The ban on Ponies and Bees

DO NOT make any references to Ponies in any of your articles, even if they are humour articles it isn't allowed. Ponies just don't fit in SupCom. Any mention of Bees, other than, say, a unit type or species that looks like a Bee, is considered spam. Mentioning Ponies or mentioning Bees outside of appropriate context is considered ban-worthy by the senior admins.

Other Rules

Humanity, fuck yeah!

The most important rule on the wiki: this wiki is run by and for humans and humans only. Any and all Xenos lovers (this includes any and all alien/animal/nature/tree/blonde sympathisers) shall be castrated by automatic shotgun fire and have their eyes poked with pointy sticks.

So yeah, support humanity or we'll fuck your shit up. 

No dissing Doomguy!

Doomguy, a protagonist from the manliest and most metal game ever, Doom (a game which is even more badass than Sup Com) is an underrated legend and the strongest human (who doesn't use power armor, cybernetics, bio-augmentation and other such thingies) video game character ever.

Never doubt or underestimate him and his strength, because he isn't just some average joe that can lose to a hundred things, that is a false statement.

And if you claim we're just idolizing him, then by that logic, calling the Master Chief super-badass or viewing the Zerg as the perfect swarm race (especially if you say that they're even more so than the Tyranids or the Starship Trooper Arachnids) should also be idolizing them.

Dont be an annoying fanboy

I think this rule is fairly simple, this especially applies for magic/anti magic fanboyism and pointless hate for the other side.