This is just me trying to get a handle on RP's. Expect rookie mistakes from the gamemaster.

You're stranded in a city, no idea what's happened, and hostile units on the horizon. Your ACU is damaged, and the Proto-Crafter is offline, and almost all of your Nanolathes are missing.

A memory.

Ah, dammit, QAI ruptured the Quantum Network and disabled almost every ACU in existance.

Until you can find someone with some Nanolathes who's willing to trade or share, and something to repair your ACU, you're at the mercy of QAI and it's Drones.


Faction: (all ACU's will have the stats of a standard UEF ACU excluding weapons) Canon Faction only

Weapon: Pick one

Rail-Cannon: heavy weapon, long range, decent damage, average reload.

Mortar: heavy weapon, long range, large AOE damage, long reload.

Standard Cannon: average weapon, average range, average damage, average reload. Yes, this is your standard average weapon.

Gatling Cannon: light gun, average range, low damage, exceedingly quick reload (bursts of 10 rounds).


go against the gamemaster and you will die. No sues. Anything else that's usually in RP rules. I control all yur nanolathe access.

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