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    I'm going to camp. I'll miss you all. I will bring tales of this trip and my previous one when I return. No major screw ups or bad things while I'm gone, please.

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  • Glitchrr36

    Unrelated Rp

    April 17, 2014 by Glitchrr36

    So, the basic premise is that an elite team of people/ whatever species you would like to be are on a jungle planet, to study it. The planet is located 300 light years from earth, and has the following zones: coastal (first area the rp goes to), tundra, mountains, jungle, desert, ocean. The planet is 2.4 times the size of earth. The coastal area is a combination of beaches, cliffs, and mangrove swamps. There are few mammals outside of the tundra.


    Native life forms can be created by anyone.

    GM will be playing

    each person will be assigned a job by me, the GM.

    No wanton shooting. Basically, this is to study the planet, not to kill everything on it.

    The RP is based from a Sculpin class carrier. It has 6 rotors, space engines, treads, and proppeā€¦

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