So, the basic premise is that an elite team of people/ whatever species you would like to be are on a jungle planet, to study it. The planet is located 300 light years from earth, and has the following zones: coastal (first area the rp goes to), tundra, mountains, jungle, desert, ocean. The planet is 2.4 times the size of earth. The coastal area is a combination of beaches, cliffs, and mangrove swamps. There are few mammals outside of the tundra.


Native life forms can be created by anyone.

GM will be playing

each person will be assigned a job by me, the GM.

No wanton shooting. Basically, this is to study the planet, not to kill everything on it.

The RP is based from a Sculpin class carrier. It has 6 rotors, space engines, treads, and proppelors for under water operations. IT can carry large amounts of gear, and any specimens.

Name: Greater beach stalker

Description: 30 foot long quadrapedal carnivorous reptile, highly poisonous. Suited for shallow water hunting. Tail is paddle like. Venom causes near complete tissue degradation. Can be sprayed. Coloration is blues, greens, and purples, with brownish eyes. Crests are blue and yellow. Mid level predator. Resembles a mosasaur, with crests and limbs suited to paddling and running on shore. Some orange stripes. hunts in packs of 3-5

Name: Mangrove grazer

Description: Large (40 feet), red hippo like reptile. Has many horns all over its body, and a mucus layer. Has white stripes on head. Horns resemble spikes, with one coiled horn on the forehead. Lives in herds. Main prey of mangrove stalker. eats plants.

Name: Blue Pilgrim

Description: Large blue-skinned flyer with bizarrely shaped wings, incorporating both reptillian and mammalian traits. WIngspan of rougly 52 feet for an adult, but only a foot long and gossamer-thin. They are harmless and non-hositle, not much else known right now.

Name: Wertaferkizat

Description: large aquatic cephalopod resembling how a mentally unstable man might draw a sentient and aggressive whale/snail hybrid. (It's all I can describe them as, they're disturbing...) feed on Blue Pilgrims and possibly other species. Chromatophores flash in a hypnotic manner, causing feelings of horror, unease, and disgust. Thought to be a defence mechanism of some kind.  Not much else known.

Name: Gistris

Description: Grey Vine-like plants with a high growth rate. Usually very small and easy to break, some specimens can harden and snare other creatures.

Name: Falkas

Description: Small, six-legged predator with six eyes. Molted skin and blood-shot eyes give it an intimidating appearance, with long claws and visibly thick muscles. Jaw splits open into four parts, with rows of sharp teeth. Front legs/arms appear to be adapted for wrestling or clawing, with increased muscle mass.

Name: Leaf Crawler

Description: Small insects similar in appearance to to a millipede, but with 10 pairs of legs, large eyes, and a Gastropod like foot on the lower body. Capable of flying. Secretes a venom that causes nausea, dizzyness, and visual distortions (Such as "the walls are breathing"). Eats plants



Name: Glitch.

Species: Biomekaynoid

Postion: head scientist, pilot. (yours will be assigned based on what I know about you)

Gear: the Sculpin, arm blades

Name: V'Tnuuro T'Haari

Species: Huamn/Melconian hybrid, augmented.

Position: Chemical researcher/Heavy weapons expert

Gear: tank/apc

Name: Kleph Magnus

Species: Icenaye

Position: Scouter of shiny and interesting things, hyperactive tool-fetcher, and local telephath/psychic.

Description: Klephy <3

Equipment (if any): Guardian Exosuit capable of near invisible Stealth (radar and visual), increased armour, and EVO class nanotech for interfacing with foreign electronics. There's probably more but Kleph left them at home

Name: Jaxus Vek

Race: Morat Eaedas (Humanoid creature, with over 70% of their body completely cyborgized. Weighting around a ton overall, but they are extremely tough and relatively quick for their size and weight.)

Postition: Head botanist/coms expert

Gear: sampling drone, with a large gun on it, coms tech.

Name:Flynn Targgart

Species: Humans

Position: head medic.

gear: medkit, submachine gun.f

What has happened so far: V'Tnuuro is taking samples near the mangroves, Flynn is trying not to be stung by a bug, jaxus is going towards the tank, and kleph is trying to ake the ship to his room.

now, it begins.

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