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  • OrkMarine

    Well, I think the community should help decide on this, we need 2 chat mods. Im making this blog so users can give their opinions and advice on who should be a chat mod, its not necassarrily a democratic vote, but I assure that what the users say will be listened to and taken into heavy account when we choose who to promote. While Psi's demotion of Basi as mod wasnt exactly authorised, It did put me to thinking that the previous mod selection really had no planning in it, not saying the previous mods were bad, I just want some community councilling on this subject. As Chat mods are primarily community workers.

    Well, the chat mod team needs to fit these criteria:

    • Together they should be capable of covering most of the day on chat, were not ex…
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  • OrkMarine

    Space Ship RP

    May 31, 2014 by OrkMarine

    "Space, the final fronteir"

    Wait, no. Thats a gay ass star trek quote. Who the fuck put that there?

    Lets try this again

    "In space, nobody can hear you scream"

    Thats better.

    Welcome all to the most fine ass RP on the wiki, prepare to have your brains raped with pure pleasure as you embark on a journey through space and time (ran out of budget to incorporate time travel) itself. As the captain of your very own spacecraft you shall explore vast systems, discover diverse and wonderfun alien races, conquer alien races into the dirt and eat their babies, destroy whole planets for lolz, and much more. Will you become an oppurtanistic, dickish pirate who preys on spanish people? Or perhaps you will become a mercenary and hire yourself out like a prostit…

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  • OrkMarine

    Operation Cleanup

    April 27, 2014 by OrkMarine

    Due to the wikis booming size, several pages that have breached regulations have slipped under the radar, so this shall be a wiki wide check of every article on the wiki. Every page will then be sorted into a catergory, those pages that dont end up in the "approved" catergory will need to be fixed by its author within the next week or so (extra time will be given for those that have lots of stuff to fix).

    Also note, that if one of your pages ends up needing to be fixed, you are not to publish any new pages UNTIL those pages have been fixed.

    Also note that links that have been crossed out mean they have been fixed. The goal of this wiki is to have every page that isnt in the approved catergory to be crossed out within the next week or so.

    The …

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  • OrkMarine

    About the Theme

    March 15, 2014 by OrkMarine

    Howdy folks, I'd like to bring something to the attention of the user base. The theme. This wiki has gotten alot of coding and stuff to change it look, the headers are replaced with these blue boxe thingies, it no longer says how many pages are on the wiki, user boxes look different, and its quite glitchy with several pages of the wiki going all weird after a few secounds.

    I'd like to proclaim a change, back to the vanilla wiki theme. So we'd have normal headers, it would have a page count up in the corner, user boxes would be nromal and their would be no glitchyness about it. I'd like the community opinion on this, and perhaps even your vote on this matter.

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  • OrkMarine

    Greetmongs fellow wikians, its me OrkMarine, resident potato lover and admin of the Glorious Supreme Commander Fanon Wiki. Anyway, this is my first (and the wiki's first) Role Play here, and as such it may have a few loose ends and game issues, but its all for fun so what the hell.

    • No OP
    • No Mary Sue
    • No Meta-Gaming
    • No arguing with me
    • No being an asshole Be respectful
    • Only the Game Master (me) may make events, the players (you) make actions. An example of an action is "My ACU walks into the strip club", an example of an event is "The strip club turns into a giant crocodile and eats you", if a player was to write the latter comment It would be illegal and I would most likely kill them until they die.

    In this RPG, you will play as an ACU of your creat…

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