Well, I think the community should help decide on this, we need 2 chat mods. Im making this blog so users can give their opinions and advice on who should be a chat mod, its not necassarrily a democratic vote, but I assure that what the users say will be listened to and taken into heavy account when we choose who to promote. While Psi's demotion of Basi as mod wasnt exactly authorised, It did put me to thinking that the previous mod selection really had no planning in it, not saying the previous mods were bad, I just want some community councilling on this subject. As Chat mods are primarily community workers.

Well, the chat mod team needs to fit these criteria:

  • Together they should be capable of covering most of the day on chat, were not expecting them to be allways there, just for a good majority of the time. Remember we only need 2, 3 is a crowd, so it would be best to choose 2 mods that are of opposite time zones.
  • Are knowledable on the user base and are generally liked, chat mods need to be atlest acquanted with pretty much most people on the wiki. As chat is a social tool, and they have the job of keeping order in it, they need to be social people. A chat mod that is hated by the community doesent work either, same reason as above, they need to maintain a level of socialness (is that even a word) with the userbase.
  • Know the rules, and are ready to enforce them. There are times in which people will need to be kicked, told to shut the fuck up, or even banned. Chat Mods need to know the rules and be ready to enforce them, even if they dont entirely agree with them, Chat Mod's dont make the rules, they just enforce them. 
  • Are trusted users, goes without saying, were not gonna give someone the power of mod without beleif that they will actually do their job honestly and without breaking the rules themselves.

Please give your opinions, your encouraged to give criticism to a certain person if you dont beleive they would be a good mod, but keep it proffesional, no blatant insults. Instead of saying "User 1 is a dickhead who is hated", say "User 1 can be quite immature and insultive, and is generally disliked by the general community.

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