Due to the wikis booming size, several pages that have breached regulations have slipped under the radar, so this shall be a wiki wide check of every article on the wiki. Every page will then be sorted into a catergory, those pages that dont end up in the "approved" catergory will need to be fixed by its author within the next week or so (extra time will be given for those that have lots of stuff to fix).

Also note, that if one of your pages ends up needing to be fixed, you are not to publish any new pages UNTIL those pages have been fixed.

Also note that links that have been crossed out mean they have been fixed. The goal of this wiki is to have every page that isnt in the approved catergory to be crossed out within the next week or so.


The following pages are all smaller than 3 paragraphs (each paragraph is to have 7 sentences atleast to count). Sorry slug, but this page is just under the approved paragraph limit. While it does kind of have 3 paragraphs, none of them are of 7 sentences each. Just add a little bit more and the page shall be fixed. Only one of the paragraphs is of proper size, please expand upon this page. Just under the page limit, add 1 more full paragraph and it should be fine. Currently small enough to be classifed as a stub, perhaps just merge it with the Void Hunters page, or expand on it. Needs more content, nuff said. same as above Could probably have more added to it Just add a bit more, like 2 more medium sized paragraphs Same as above plz add moar Much moar needs to be added This page looks big, but actually isnt when you look closer, it has more than 3 paragraphs, but their all tiny, please add more. Remember that infoboxes, quotes, templates and headings do not count towards a page not being a stub. Quite a bit moar needs to be added Moar content plz Alot more needs to be added MOAAAAAAAAAAAAR!!!!!!!!

Breaches NCF

The following pages all breach the NCF rules in one way or another. A very minor breach, and will only require a few secounds to fix. Having 30,000 ACU's before they suddenly went down to 50? It doesent matter that they dont have that many anymore, 30,000 is WAY TOO MUCH. Canon races dont even have half that number, please lower that number to like 3000. Remember that every ACU is a self contained army, 30,000 is probably enough to conquer every canon faction if they were allied up against you. Another  small issue that will be quick to fix, that colony they have on earth called Atlantis is a little silly in my opinion, even if it is dormant. The UEF would have found it by now anyway, change it to another UEF world that isn't in the home system. I think this was meant to be deleted by now, that shall be done tommorow (you have a day to back up anything on the article, move it to a sandbox or some shit where you can fix it there)

Bad Grammer/Wording

The following pages suffer from bad grammer, spelling or wording. Especially the wording part, an example of bad wording would be "Reaper the ACU is the most badass ACU in the Reaver army and has super kick ass guns", an example of good wording is "Reaper is a powerful ACU in the Reaver Army, and is equipped with powerful weaponry". See the difference between those 2 sentences? I have no clue why a meme is in this article, that needs to be removed ASAP unless you want to be classifed as humour, also some of those quotes point towards it being non serious. Please make the wording a little more serious, especially the picture labels Same as above, I mean, the first bit I read in the history section was "Formed when one exceedingly pissed-off Cybran stole a large freighter ship with some like-minded allies".

Other problem

The following pages breach regulations in a way that cannot be classifed into the previous 3 catergories. Is a canon character, to be deleted later today. Should be classifed as a humour page, due to its references to this wiki and major 4th wall breaches. Should be changed to a humour page, or written in a more serious tone. Your choice. Well, since Psi is banished, I dont really see what to do with this other than delete it. Maybe if someone wants to adopt his RP project they can, but I think this would be better suited to a blog anyway in that case. Same as above I never remember letting this guy kill 12 Xegnathi queens in a single battle, please change that. Stuff like that requires the permit of both me and slug, but apart from that, its a good page. Same as above, uses the Xeg without me knowing about it. Please ask both me and slug before doing this. Should be moved to a blog/forum until added upon and approved. Same as above Slightly overpowered and the "controversy" section doesent make much sense (reporters and shit wouldent be complaining about the weapon of some side faction no matter how good it was, this is Sup Com, not the UN). Apart from that its well written and of acceptable size. Not too sure about these "humour pages", they were classified as humour pages because they werent serious or canonical, but arent funny either. Perhaps move it and the Cloned Russian page to a sandbox/blog. Same as above When I entered this page, my appendix began to hurt, this is a problem and needs to be fixed. Due to this race having to be renamed after being named, it still refers to them in the page as "ceph", while the race is offically called "seph". Please fix dat.


The following pages dont have any issues with them, they do not require any fixing. Good job to those authors who get all of their pages in this catergory. Is their really a reason to describe how this person conducts sexual acts? I mean, really? I know it may be part of the persons personality, but I feel that shit isnt really needed, but It doesent exactly break the rules so Im gonna have to approve it. Same as above Its title can make it sound like a bit of a humour article, but I suprsingly found this page to be set out in a serious tone. Also Slug would stab me in the face if I told him to fix it. No real need for this to be fixed Of a good size and doesent seem to breach NCF rules All good here Dont see anything bad here Seems all good Ticks all of my boxes All good Same as above Same as below Same as above Same as above Same as above Same as the one that is above the one that is above Just made it from being a stub, make all your other unit pages like this one slug and everythings gonna be awwwwright. Same as the one 2 times above I dont really know what you mean by a "Super Earth" planet, but the page seems fine. All good Same as above Nothing wrong with this one An interesting and different article, no doubt many of the battles in the Infinite War are done with infantry and shit instead of ACU's, so this fits in that area nicely. Good job on your first page Vlad. All good here Same as like everything above No policy breaking to be found here All good All be good Le good as good can be Le good All good Do I really even need comments on the approved ones? Was quite impressed with this page actaully All is good

End Statement

Well, Im happy to see that the biggest catergory was the "approved pages" one, and most the ones that werent approved can be fixed very easily. Theirs only a few that use bad wording, which is a big ass improvment from a few months ago.

Also, I know people are gonna do this, but Im gonna tell you anyway. Please for the love of god dont spend hours arguing with me if one of your pages didnt get approved, you dont have to bitching to slug/bas aswell, thats just a waste of my time, a waste of their time, and a waste of the time you could be using to fix that page up. If you have a proper statment to make, say it and I'll listen, but my word is final in this matter.

One last thing, after reveiwing every god damn page on the wiki it is possible that I could have missed some stuff, if you notice any pages that arent serious in tone or breach NCF, please tell me. Im only human after all.

Thankyou for your co-operation

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