Yo plebs, this RP aint finished. I know it looks amazingly sexy, but dont join or I'll throat stab you

"Space, the final fronteir"

Wait, no. Thats a gay ass star trek quote. Who the fuck put that there?

Lets try this again

"In space, nobody can hear you scream"

Thats better.


Welcome all to the most fine ass RP on the wiki, prepare to have your brains raped with pure pleasure as you embark on a journey through space and time (ran out of budget to incorporate time travel) itself. As the captain of your very own spacecraft you shall explore vast systems, discover diverse and wonderfun alien races, conquer alien races into the dirt and eat their babies, destroy whole planets for lolz, and much more. Will you become an oppurtanistic, dickish pirate who preys on spanish people? Or perhaps you will become a mercenary and hire yourself out like a prostitute to whoever has the most money.

Gameplay aspects and important stuff you should read, but probably wont because your a filthy peasent

The RP will be as much about exploration, trading, diplomacy and similar stuff, just as much as it is about combat. Remmeber that players (you) only post actions, while events and results of such actions are done by the GM (me). Combat will be very tactical, try refraining from stuff like "FIRE ALL LAZARS ON DA ENEMY SHIPS', instead, dont be a pleb, and reply with comments such as "target enemy sheild array with my laser cannons while initiating evasive manuvers and transferring all power to sheilds"'.


Recources play a major part in the game, from combat to upgrading your ship, from trading to keeping your crew alive and healthy. In short, recources are the tits (until you rum out of them, in which case you'll probably begin to hate the recource system). The recources are as follows:

Fuel: While your sublight engines are infinite, your FTL drives require fuel inorder to jump. Without fuel, your essentially stuck.

Supplies: Food, water, medical supplies, just general consumables needed to keep your crew members healthy. Every 5 turns your crew will require feeding (1 supply needed per crew member), aswell as being commonly used in many other scenarios and events.

Minerals: Used for a vast array of tasks such as repairing your ship, to being used to manufacture munitions for your weapons. Minerals can also fetch a high cost to the right seller, and can be extracted from planets, asteroids, moons, even destroyed ships.

Munitions: Munitions are used up by your kinetic weapons (rail guns, missile launchers, torpedos, that kind of stuff). Dont try using such weapons with munitions, that way lies madness.

Credits: The currency of the game, however the value of credits can differ from place to place. For example, on a civilised core world, everything would have a set credit price, but on a more wild border world, shops may use a non credit barter system instead.

Ship Stuff

The basis of this RP is running a spaceship, so here we shall discuss some of the key concepts of doing such a thing.

The most important thing is probably power, power isn't exactly a recource, but almost everything in your ship requires it. It isn't consumed, but required to run your ships systems. All power comes from your reactor, the power is then distributed across your systems. Systems include things like weaponry, sheilding, sensors, life support, engines, and much more. You can transfer power to different systems depending on what you need more, sometimes your reactor will get damaged in battle and your amount of power "points" will decrease, with in turn decreases the ability of your spaceship.

Another important thing is crew, crew are used to run your ship, fight of boarders, do stuff on the planets you land on, without them your ship is just an empty husk with nothing to control it. Crew can come from different races, each race having its own strengths and weaknesses, some even having special abilities (except humans, who are the jack of all trades race)

Im too tired to explain everything else, unless your a complete fucking scrub, it should be easy enough to work out as you play. So yeah, any hopes and dreams you had of this being a 10 page tutorial section on how to not be a pleb, can go burn.

Creating your ship

Heres a guide to starting as a player in this RP, and I did it in a basic step by step form, so all you incompetant peasents wouldent get confused. Aint I a nice guy?

Ship Name

Dont give it something overly stupid, a good example of a name would be "The Serenity", or "The Aries".

Ship Type

Heres the fun bit, you can now choose from 3 pre defined ship classes as your starting craft. You can upgrade, or even replace these ships later on (you should probably aim to do this, these starting ships are pretty ghetto tier, and upgrades will only get you so far). The starting ships are as follows:

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