Greetmongs fellow wikians, its me OrkMarine, resident potato lover and admin of the Glorious Supreme Commander Fanon Wiki. Anyway, this is my first (and the wiki's first) Role Play here, and as such it may have a few loose ends and game issues, but its all for fun so what the hell.


  • No OP
  • No Mary Sue
  • No Meta-Gaming
  • No arguing with me
  • No being an asshole Be respectful
  • Only the Game Master (me) may make events, the players (you) make actions. An example of an action is "My ACU walks into the strip club", an example of an event is "The strip club turns into a giant crocodile and eats you", if a player was to write the latter comment It would be illegal and I would most likely kill them until they die.


In this RPG, you will play as an ACU of your creation (that bit comes later) who must survive on the Xegnathi ravaged world of Kylor 6. Your ACU starts off damaged and without the ability to create most units, inorder to not get raped by space monsters you will need to scavange technology, discover unit data aswell as act strategically and tactically in the way you play. This RPG will mainly be a strategical one however their will be bits where you have to get into the action yourself to fight back the Xegnathi hordes.

ACU Creation

Here you will create your starting ACU for the Role Play which you will play with for the duration of the game, if your ACU dies you lose, however their may be exceptions to this, and I emphasis on the word may. The sheet that you must fill out for your ACU is as follows:

NAME: A name for your ingame character, please choose a normal sounding name, I dont want any commanders with the name "PU$$YSLAYER69LOLXXXX!!!DDDDDD", seriously, if you do that I'll rip your face off. Also remember this is the name your character, not the ACU itself, so I say again, choose a name that makes logical sence (or I'll rip your face off).

FACTION: Your faction doesen't effect you much in combat but will affect your relations with NPC's (Choosing UEF will make other UEF peoples like you but Cybran and Aeons will dislike you and even attack you). You can choose to be either UEF, Cybran or Aeon.

STARTING WEAPON: You may choose on of the three following weapons for your ACU to have, note that other weapons will become avaliable as you go along and find new technology and such. The three starting weapons you may choose from are as follows:

  • Auto Cannons: Rapid fire but innaccurate and lowish damage, good for blasting swarms of weaker units but pretty useless against more powerful enemies, has lowish power consumption but extended firing will eventually start draining you out.
  • Rail Driver: A powerful slow firing Rail Gun, does alot of damage, has high range and penetrates even the heaviest Xegnathi armour but has a low rate of fire and requires alot of power to operate.
  • Plasma Lance: A melee only weapon, has very good damage and low power consumption but requires you to get within shanking distance of the enemy inorder to use. Only overly manly men would take this option (ranged weapons are for pussies).

Example Character

An example of what your first post should look like is as follows:

NAME: Peter File



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