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    Okay, here you get to explain your factions in a few sentences.

    The fields are:

    • Name: Self-explanatory. Maybe a link to the faction's page.
    • Preferred Theater of Operations: What kind of terrain does your faction fight best in? What areas best suit their tactics?
    • Combat doctrine: Explain briefly how battles with your factions go down.
    • Tech level specializations: How are your faction's different tech level units optimized for their strategy?
    • Pros: The advantages your faction has.
    • Cons: The advantages your faction has.
    • Intended Commander: Assuming your faction was modded into FA in full, what kind of player would it be aimed at? Turtlers or Rushers? Spammers or Harassers? Hardcore FA players, Westwood RTS players or even Blizzard RTS players?

    For exam…

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Inactivity :(

    July 3, 2014 by Slug gunner fan

    I won't be here until Monday, possibly Tuesday, due to a big school trip to Berlin.

    I'll see you all then. Ork's in charge while I'm gone as per usual.

    (BTW If you're wondering where Rhiza's been the past week she went on ahead with her family and we're meeting her there, arrangements were made and such)

    Farewell (for now) and may your teaparties never be fucked.

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Myself, as well as Rhiza, won't be here for the rest of the day. Or most of next week. Or most of the week after next.

    Fucking exams y'know? We won't even have much time to cuddle. Sadface.

    Ork is in charge till I get back. He can do as he wants within reason. Reason in this case being an infinite space. So basically Ork, do whatever you want and everyone must worship you. Just don't get used to it because I'm only gone for two weeks.

    Basi, edit Tanya however you want but don't publish her till I've seen what you've done. You have two weeks; I expect you to get SOMETHING done with the character, And get the fuck on with the next chapter of New Age already.

    Anyone adds anything supporting magic while I'm gone and I will ban you when I get back. …

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Yes, congratulations for:

    • Taking this wiki, which was meant to be a fresh start where we could put aside all our grievances and come together through our common interests, and turning it into yet another wiki filled with nothing but arguments and admin abuse.
    • Convincing my parents even further that all the time I spend on this site is just wasted arguing with people I don't even know, and for convinving me of this as weell because frankly it's becoming more and more true.
    • As of the last paragraph of this blog, I'm now talking like my father. If you knew my father you'd understand why this pisses me off.

    Frankly, I'm on the verge of IP-banning you all for a very long time and just having the site to myself. Maybe unban Psy. So this is your chan…

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  • Slug gunner fan

    Okay, I decided that since loads of other users have done an RP, why shouldn't I?

    NOTE: expect rookie mistakes from me, the game master.

    1. No arguing with the game master's decisions. Try it and I'll kill you off immediately.
    2. No OP
    3. No Mary Sue
    4. No Meta-Gaming
    5. Only the Game Master (me) may make events, the players (you) make actions.

    Just specify your character's name, faction and a short description, as standard.

    • All canon factions
    • All fanon factions (that exist on this wiki)
    • Nomads
    • CORE and ARM (nerfed lore-wise to be more or less equal to Supcom factions)

    Please state your vehIcle (ACU, ACE, MCEP, AAU, UCA etc.) with the faction. If it's a unique vehicle (customized/one-off ACU or one-off ACE) please say so. If you wish to use a character with custom u…

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