Okay, here you get to explain your factions in a few sentences.

The fields are:

  • Name: Self-explanatory. Maybe a link to the faction's page.
  • Preferred Theater of Operations: What kind of terrain does your faction fight best in? What areas best suit their tactics?
  • Combat doctrine: Explain briefly how battles with your factions go down.
  • Tech level specializations: How are your faction's different tech level units optimized for their strategy?
  • Pros: The advantages your faction has.
  • Cons: The advantages your faction has.
  • Intended Commander: Assuming your faction was modded into FA in full, what kind of player would it be aimed at? Turtlers or Rushers? Spammers or Harassers? Hardcore FA players, Westwood RTS players or even Blizzard RTS players?

For example:

  • Name: Theron Supremacy
  • Preferred Theater of Operations: Choke points, open valleys, areas with plenty of space to construct.
  • Combat doctrine: Build up a large and well-defended fortress, build up hordes of high-tier offensive units while holding out for Superweapons (Experimental units), use massive T3/Experimental rush and Superweapon bombardment so smash the enemy in one huge assault.
  • Tech level specializations: defence-oriented T1 and T2 mobile units, defence-oriented T1 structures, well-rounded T2 structures, attack-oriented T3 mobile units and structures, extremely attack-oriented Experimentals.
  • Pros: Powerful and diverse defences, powerful artillery, superlative Experimentals.
  • Cons: Slow and restricted expansion, fragile T3, entire strategy hinges on one make-or-break attack, somewhat anaemic economy before T3 due to aforementioned restricted expansion.
  • Intended Commander: Turtlers and point-defence creepers; players who enjoy base-building and army-hoarding but can't be bothered with fancy tactics.

Another example:

  • Name: Hjörviik Dreddek’ja
  • Preferred Theater of Operations: Large areas with plenty of space to maneuver.
  • Combat Doctrine: Harass and grind down enemy forces in hit-and-run attacks; stay mobile and take advtange of terrain to prevent counter-attacks; hold out until enemy is sufficiently debilitated to be destroyed outright with Experimental squadrons.
  • Tech level specializations: Units at all tech levels tend to be fast, harassment-oriented glass cannons; Experimentals are very attack-oriented.
  • Pros: Mobile production and versatile all-round units in the form of Constructors; Excellent offensive units; variety of powerful assault Experimentals.
  • Cons: Somewhat anaemic economy; lack of serious indirect-fire capability; fragile units; generally difficult to fight against heavily fortified positions; lack of defenses.
  • Intended Commander: Harassers; CNC4 players.

Comment below.

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