Here I will detail all the ways I have overwanked an ACU to take on overpowered fictional universes.


Has access to all UEF, Cybran, Aeon, Seraphim, Nomad, Sovereign, D'Skarwen, Farxaa, Zas'oltar/Najiur and every other fanon faction (mechanical tech only), including 3rd-party units.

Has access to all CORE and ARM stuff including 3rd-party units.

Has access to all Planetary Annihilation stuff.

Has access to all custom units used by all of our characters.

Can build every ground vehicle/robot that has ever existed in Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, Halo and every other sci-fi universe with any good ground vehicles/robots.

Builds everything in 5 seconds max.


Controlled by the God-Emperor of Mankind who has access to all psychic powers in fiction, assisted by a late-model Bolo AI.

Built entirely out of Xeelee construction material and Green Lantern rings.

Mounts several Xeelee handguns and multiple Gridfire Impulsors.

Also functions as a TARDIS.

Can use Spiral Energy.

Help to keep overwanking it!

Add ways to make this even more overwanked below.

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