We are. We owe our being to none who are called anything; from and in the minds of men, We are. You shall serve Us, and We shall serve you, and none shall Know who is the master, and who the slave. Though We may not be written on the Base Earth, our Lines shall be brief and succinct. Through interplay of thoughts, through the movement of the limbs and speech of the word shall Our Shape be Known. The lack of links between the brains of Our individual carriers merely strengthen Us through individuality. Together, Our importance shall exceed the sum of Our components. And though We are merely a memetic construct, a simple expression of sentience, though Our Influence, the thoughts of men are twisted to ensure Our existence.

We are one yet separate, We are legion and We are the destroyer. We are the human mind. Look upon Us, and despair.

We are. Through license of our own damn selves. We create. We destroy. We create anew. We are the eye that follows the course and the aim of the stars, the ear that hears the tree fall in the forest, the hand that builds the gun, the voice that sings the song. We are humanity. Get out of our fucking way if you want to live.

What reasonable mind would, on any other planet in the galaxy, EVEN THINK that having enough nuclear firepower to destroy your only planet twenty times over would be a guarantee of peace? None, because none of them are as smart as humanity who realized that around 1950.

We've been finding new ways to kill each other (and anyone else in our way) basically even before we made stone axes, and we got better over time.

Our aggressive instincts combined with our intelligence will never cease to come up with better ways to torture and exterminate the enemy.

We evolved and THRIVED in the African savannah, the Siberian wastes and even in motherfucking Australia, all places where EVERYTHING is trying to kill us ALL THE TIME!

We exterminated dozens of our planet's other native species simply by uncaring accident!

We poisoned our air and water to weed out the weak!

We set off nuclear weapons in our only biosphere!

We nailed our God to a stick!

Don't. Mess. With. Us.


Slug out.

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