Okay, I decided that since loads of other users have done an RP, why shouldn't I?


NOTE: expect rookie mistakes from me, the game master.

  1. No arguing with the game master's decisions. Try it and I'll kill you off immediately.
  2. No OP
  3. No Mary Sue
  4. No Meta-Gaming
  5. Only the Game Master (me) may make events, the players (you) make actions.

Character creation

Just specify your character's name, faction and a short description, as standard.

Available factions

  • All canon factions
  • All fanon factions (that exist on this wiki)
  • Nomads
  • CORE and ARM (nerfed lore-wise to be more or less equal to Supcom factions)

Please state your vehIcle (ACU, ACE, MCEP, AAU, UCA etc.) with the faction. If it's a unique vehicle (customized/one-off ACU or one-off ACE) please say so. If you wish to use a character with custom units or mixed-faction build suites, please do so, but nothing too overpowered. Canon Supcom factions' build suites get Blackops, Total Mayhem and Experimental Wars if they want them; TA factions get MAD TA and Escalation if they want it. Please sum up everything your vehicle can build.


Players will be dumped onto the interior of a Dyson Sphere together and pitted against a few random foes from various factions, as well as a few foes from other non-Supcom and non-TA sci-fi (mostly Star Wars, 40K or the Boloverse). You can tech-share and Nanolathe-share between yourselves. Have fun.

I shall take the role of your omniscient tac ops guy (I control your intel, that is what you do and do and don't see) and I also control all enemy units.

There are no victory conditions, you just go as long as you can until either you're overwhelmed by waves of mecha-mooks and sci-fi goons or I get bored and crash this Dyson Sphere into the Xeelee Ring at 0.99c as a final "fuck you" statement.

Other notes

All factions' resource generators are assumed equal.

All Nanolathing speeds are assumed equal.

Reply system will work as follows: when everyone has taken a turn I'll reply to you all at once.

All Supcom and TA aircraft are assumed to be space-capable. Dyson Sphere has an Earth-like atmosphere inside it for 100km above the interior surface, after that it's hard vacuum (there's no star inside or anything like you'd have in a real Dyson Sphere) and it's 100 AU (800 light-minutes) in diameter.

The game is now locked out. It starts tomorrow and nobody else cann join.

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