A more detailed history of the Void Hunters and their emergence into the galaxy. 

The Infinite WarEdit


The Seraphim WarEdit


Post Seraphim WarEdit

At an unknown date sometime about 30 years after the Seraphim war (3847), an extremely pissed-off Cybran and a few like-minded allies stole a Stellar-Travel class of frieghter ship along with some Cybran ACUs. 

Five years later, the Void Hunters were formed, officially becoming a Faction. 

Year: Event:
3844 The Infinite War ends.
3844 The Seraphim War begins.
3847 The Seraphim War ends.
3877 The ship that is to become the Oblivion's Angel is stolen.
3882 The Void Hunters are officially a Faction and begin their first major assault on an Aeon prison facility on Seraphim II in order to recruit the Seraphim prisoners. 
3892 First Contact of Void Hunters - Deep Hunters. 
3894 Void Hunters - Deep Hunters Alliance now official. (Or as official as a Void Hunter Alliance can be)

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